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Cere Network Unique Features

  • Allows stakeholders to own and manage their data with full custody, making it the first platform that gives them 100% control over any data use or deployment.

  • Enterprises easily plug-in their existing applications and power of contextually relevant data, insights, and predictive analytics in real-time to supercharge their value streams via DDC.

  • Cere provides direct access to first-party customer data, these first-party customer data sets are anonymized and encrypted (on an individual level) through blockchain, which in turn are exchanged with business partners and analyzed on Cere’s open and on-demand data marketplaces.

  • Cere makes data directly accessible in near real-time by all business units, partners/vendors, and machine-learning processes. This in turn enables secure and private data collaborations through Cere’s Open Data Marketplace (ODM) which is free from any traditional vendor lock-ins used by organizations like Salesforce, Oracle & Adobe.

  • Decentralized data cloud platform

Cere’s DDC platform is “Next-gen Snowflake”. Cere’s decentralized data cloud ensures the security, anonymity, and integrity of customer data shared between two or more parties.

Cere makes it possible for all business units, partners/suppliers to directly access data in near real time. This in turn enables secure and private data collaboration through Cere’s open data marketplace (ODM) that doesn’t lock down traditional vendors.

  • Pioneering SaaS-DeFi

Through Cere’s SaaS-DeFi smart contracts, all fees, B2B2C contracts and invoices from Cere Marketplaces can be easily mapped to the DeFi sector, effectively connecting enterprise operations with decentralized finance.

By connecting corporate cash flows and assets already integrated on the Cere SaaS platform with the rapidly evolving DeFi landscape, Cere SaaS-DeFi enables businesses to better utilize their sideline capital. , optimize their financial operations, create an easy payment experience for their customer base, and harness DeFi’s heightened liquidity.


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