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About the Books

Crisscross Applesauce

and Shut the HELL Up: 10 Reflective Lessons for New and Seasoned Teachers

Among district demands, peer expectations, and a fierce schedule in a sometimes thankless industry, it’s understandable how teachers can lose the love of teaching. It’s time to take a breath and reflect.

With Crisscross Applesauce you’ll learn what you can do to progress as an effective teacher for the sake of both you and your students. It’s set up in familiar, quick lesson plans—perfect for the busy teacher. Each objective illustrates a relatable story followed by advice and examples that will help you examine your own experiences as an educator. Reflection questions at the end of each lesson help you answer the question, “How can I further develop my teaching style to rediscover the fun in teaching?”

The Burn Book cover 300.jpg

The Burn Book
8 Key Strategies to Recognize and Extinguish Teacher Burnout

Teaching is without question one of the most rewarding vocations in the world. It can also be one of the most challenging. Meeting state standards, pressure from peers and parents, school and district expectations, and sometimes just the grind of trying to keep afloat – all of these are challenges teachers face throughout their careers. Sometimes the combination of these factors can really bring you down and even make you lose sight of WHY you became a teacher in the first place. Burnout can hit hard and fast – sometimes without you even realizing it. But burnout doesn’t have to derail your mission as an educator! Let’s not forget why we got into this in the first place – to serve the kids. The Burn Book will help you to recognize and identify the signs and symptoms of teacher burnout and provide you with invaluable strategies to combat the flames and get back on track with your WHY.

The Silly Writing Monkey Cover.jpg

The Silly Writing Monkey

The Silly Writing Monkey, loves to write! His goal is to help bring the love of writing back into the hands of children everywhere. This silly book encourages teachers to bring joy into writing and allow their students time to monkey around with the five elements of writing.

Advocacy book cover copy.jpg

Advocacy for Early
Childhood Educators

Speaking up for Your Students,
Your Colleagues, and Yourself

Become a better advocate―for your students, for your coworkers, and for yourself―with the valuable strategies in this accessible guidebook. Written with a candid and humorous style, this tool kit reinforces why effective early childhood education matters and the positive impact an effective advocate can have on a child’s classroom experience.

Chapters explore how to explain and support best practices, build relationships with students and families, speak up for English language learners and students with exceptionalities, reduce coworker conflict and negativity, and reach out for the help you need.

Equipping readers with practical takeaways and everyday examples of what advocacy in early childhood education actually looks like, Advocacy for Early Childhood Educators is perfect for teachers, coaches, and anyone seeking effective strategies to become a relentless advocate for their students, for each other, and for themselves.

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