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Author Colleen Schmit

Illustrator Maggie Ramirez

Elementary School Presentations

Picture Book Sessions (K-6)

During this session, elementary students will learn the importance of adding their voices to writing and find enjoyment with the writing process. A behind the scenes look is revealed as students learn the how and why "The Silly Writing Monkey" was created.


(45-60 minutes recommended.)

Writer's Workshop (3-6)

Students will brainstorm and participate in a guided writing activity after listening to a read aloud of "The Silly Writing Monkey." Voice, choice, and silliness will be promoted for children during this interactive session.


(45-60 minutes recommended.)

Presentation Fees:


1 Hour Session:

  • Starting at $250

  • Signed book, $13.95/copy

2 Hour Session:

  • Starting at $500

  • Signed book, $12.95/copy

3 Hour Session:

  • Starting at $750

  • Signed book, $10.95/copy

Illustrator's Workshop (K-2)

Students will get an inside peek on what it takes to illustrate and print a book. They will also participate in guided illustrations to create "The Silly Writing Monkey" and some of their own creations. Creativity and brainstorming are the objectives of this session.


(45-60 minutes recommended.)

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